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3 Common Misconceptions About Dental Crowns
dental crowns

Restorative dentistry can be a miracle worker for many different people. It can help one person feel more confident just by fixing up their smile, while restoring lost function to another. In fact, according to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, 74% of adults think an ugly smile can hurt them professionally, and cosmetic dentistry has helped many people regain their confidence.

Dental crowns are one common form of restorative dentistry. The dental crowns can be used to repair a person's teeth and give them a fuller smile.

If you are in the market for dental crowns, there are potentially a few things standing in your way. However, it's likely that some of the things that are preventing you from going through with the procedure aren't actually true. Let's take a look at a few common myths about dental crowns.

First, many people believe that anything you eat and drink can actually stain the dental crowns. This is actually one of the most popular myths about crowns out there. Just as full and straight teeth are important to a person, white teeth are also extremely important. People fear that by drinking certain drinks and eating certain foods, they are going to stain and yellow their new crowns. However, the crowns are actually made of porcelain, which is a material that cannot become stained. It's a lot different than your actual teeth, which can become stained easily over time.

Many people are also hesitant to get dental crowns because they?re worried that they're going to look fake. While it's true that the crowns are not ?real? teeth, there is no need to fear that other people might know this little secret. Dental crowns don't actually look fake. They look just as natural same as a normal, healthy tooth. Only your dentist will know the difference. They even function the exact same way. So, if you're out to dinner and run into an old classmate that you haven't seen in 20 years, no one will ever know that you have had tooth crowned.

Now, it's important to note that the truth to this next misconception might be seen as a negative. However, remind yourself that dental crowns are just like your normal teeth. Many people think that the crowns cannot chip or break. Even though the porcelain used in the crowns is very strong, there is no way to fully protect them from experiencing any damage in every possible circumstance. If you eat something that's really hard or sustained a facial injury while playing a sport, there's a chance that your crown might break. Keep in mind that crowns are just as tough as your normal teeth; however, crowns are typically pretty easy to be replaced or repaired.

Dental crowns are perfect for people who want to improve their smile if they have missing or broken teeth. While these tools are great way to solve many self-confidence issues, there are many myths about them. Take a look at the few myths mentioned above before deciding against dental crowns.


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