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3 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening treatmentDespite the American Dental Association's recommendation to brush twice every day, it's common for people to have stains on their teeth from various foods and drinks. While stained teeth don?t necessarily indicate poor dental health, it can make you feel self-conscious.

Many people may turn to at-home teeth whitening products, but the truth is the results will never be quite as good as the ones you'll see from treatment at a cosmetic dentistry office. Are you ready to get those pearly whites looking bright again? Here's why you should consider going to a professional.

Thorough Whitening

As much as they might advertise it, there's no way a simple whitening strip will create a whitening effect that is as thorough as a cosmetic dentist's. And when it comes to any sort of teeth whitening procedure, each patient has different needs. To ensure a thorough whitening, a dentist must carefully evaluate each patient's individual needs.

Professional Strength Product

Over the counter products are sold over the counter because they're generally safe to use at home. Unfortunately, that convenience often comes at the cost of actual results. When you purchase an at-home whitening kit, you're only getting a small amount of a very mild whitening agent. But, at a cosmetic dental office, you're getting a professional-grade whitening product applied to your teeth.

Designed Specifically for You

We mentioned previously that every patient has specific whitening needs to ensure a thorough procedure. But the beauty of professional whitening goes even further than that! In fact, professional whitening actually allows you to choose how white your teeth will become after the treatment. If you're not looking for a blinding smile, a more natural, pearly look might be the best route for you. That kind of personalized whitening simply can't be purchased in a box of whitening strips.

Teeth whitening treatments are important procedures that always reveal better results when performed in a professional setting. If you've tried other teeth whitening treatments with limited or no results, it might be time to give your cosmetic dentist a call.

For more information on teeth whitening treatment, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts at Pillar Dental!


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