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5 Signs You Need to Visit a Dentist
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Teeth are the mighty warriors of our bodies, and properdental hygiene is a key factor in our health and wellbeing. However, manyAmericans are afraid to go to the dentist, as a whopping 100 million Americansdon't schedule an annual visit.

Many put off going to a dentist simply because they feelthat there will a lot of pain. This is not the case as long as you invest timein preventative care! With regular dental visits, you will be able to stay ontop of any problems and conditions that will keep the pain at bay. But how doyou know if something you are experiencing is normal or not? Here are somesigns that you should find a dentist right away!

Bad breath
Are you brushing and flossing regularly, but are stillnoticing bad breath? This could signify that you have a build-up of bacteriathat can easily go away with a dental cleaning and/or prescription toothpasteand mouthwash.

Isolated tooth pain
Sometimes, tooth spasms are normal if you bite on somethingextremely hot or cold. But pressing, harsh, and severe pain is never a goodsign. You could be in need of a filling, a root canal, or the teeth under yourdental crowns could be decaying.

A metallic taste in your mouth that doesn't go away
Does it feel like you have a mouth full of pennies? This isa tell-tale sign that you are suffering from gingivitis, which is a gumdisease.

White spots on your teeth
Generally speaking, white spots are the first signs of toothdecay. Acid eats away a tooth's enamel first, so when you see white spots youare actually seeing the inner coatings of your tooth. These little spots arequite sensitive and prone to breaking, so make sure you call a dentist rightaway at the first sign.

A bumpy tongue
Typically, when a bump forms in your mouth it is because youhave bitten off the inside lining of your mouth or tongue. Lumps and bumps canalso be a sign of something more serious, so if it persists you should visityour dentist for a check-up.

Are you noticing any or all of these symptoms? If so, makesure to find a dentist in your local area as soon as possible!


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