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A Few Benefits Associated With Sedation Dentistry
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Whether you're going to the dentist for a routine cleaningor a tooth extraction, it's important that you feel comfortable in the examroom. This is especially important for more complex dental procedures. In orderto ensure patients have a calm, comfortable experience, sedation dentistry hasbecome a popular option for patients. Here are just a few of the many benefitsof this practice.

Zero Anxiety

More often than not, the fear and anxiety that comes beforea dental appointment is the worst part. Fortunately, sedation dentistry offersa way to calm those nerves. As soon as a patient is in the chair and ready togo, sedation is administered so procedures like the 500,000 annual dentalimplant procedures, crowns, and even tooth extractions can be done without anyfear.

Less Pain

For many patients, the fear of pain is worse than any otherfear of going to the dentist. The feeling of scraping or prodding on your teethcan be extremely uncomfortable, but sedation can help with that. Once a patientis sedated, there's no pain at all. Some light soreness or swelling mayaccompany the post-procedure healing, but other than that, a patient'sprocedure can be pain-free.

Safer for Dentists

Dentists generally need to make quick work of procedureswhile exhibiting extreme precision, but that's often very difficult if apatient is moving or trying to talk during a procedure. Sedation ensures asafer procedure for both the patient and for the dentist operating.

No Bad Memories

Sedation dentistry takes pain out of the equation, whichmeans there will be no painful memories for patients after they've beensedated. Memories of bad dental experiences can often deter patients fromhaving important procedures done, but fortunately, sedation can be a welcomesolution to that issue.

Pain and fear absolutely shouldn't be associated with thedentist's office. If you're looking for a better way to ease your fear during adental procedure, make sure you ask about your dentist's sedation options.


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