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A Few of the Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
cosmetic dentistry
When you think of the dentist, the first thing you think about is likely yours telling you to floss more often. But there's more than one type of dentist, and if you're looking to improve your smile more than just hygienically, a cosmetic dentist is the person to go see. Here are some of the most commonly performed cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental veneers are custom-made shells that are fitted over your existing teeth. If your smile is discolored or crooked, these are an excellent option to consider. They create a more even, straighter look for your teeth, and they're secure, unlike dentures or retainers. They're a very popular option among Hollywood celebrities who want to fix imperfections in their smiles.

Teeth Whitening
For those people who don't necessarily want a whole new smile, teeth whitening procedures are a great choice. These are simple procedures that help brighten the appearance of one's teeth. So while it's not fixing any crooked teeth, it's providing a more brilliant smile. A general dentistry practice may be able to perform these procedures, but if you want the best results, it's recommended that you visit a cosmetic dentistry practice.

Dental Implants
On the other extreme end of the spectrum, some people opt for a whole new set of teeth altogether. While dental implants don't necessarily imply having your entire set of teeth replaced, it can certainly happen. And dental implants have a 98% success rate, so no matter how many teeth you're getting replaced, there's no need to worry. Rest assured you'll be in safe hands.

If a tooth is broken, cracked, or has had a root canal procedure performed, a dental crown can help protect it. These are some of the most common cosmetic procedures, as a crown essentially acts as a protective barrier in the shape of your tooth. Over the years, they have come to look much more natural and feel more comfortable.

If you're looking to improve the way your smile looks, don't hesitate to visit a cosmetic dentistry practice. Who knows? The smile of your dreams could be closer than you think!

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