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3 Red Flags That Mean Your Child Needs Braces

There is nothing better than a straight, gleaming whitesmile. Considering that almost all adults (99.7%) surveyed by the AmericanAcademy of Cosmetic Dentistry believe that a healthy smile is sociallyimportant, it is imperative that you start sooner rather than later to takemeasures to fix your smile if it isn't perfect.

But how do you know if your child needs braces or otherteeth straightening options? Here are some red flags that mean you should headto your dentist right away to get the straight teeth they deserve.


Do your child's teeth look like they are all jammedtogether? This is an especially common dental problem in children and is one ofthe top reasons our dentists get inquiries about braces. Crowding means thatthere is insufficient space in the mouth for teeth and when your teeth are soclose together, they start looking crooked. This can just get worse over time,and severely crooked teeth can lead to a whole host of different problems suchas gum disease, tooth decay, a foul odor, and bone loss around the teeth.

Irregular loss ofbaby teeth

If your child's baby teeth are falling out prematurely, thiscould mean that new adult teeth are coming in and are too large for theirmouth. Braces can help to keep the teeth properly aligned until the rest of theteeth come in. Taking this preventative step will also prevent any chewing orbiting issues that can stem from these irregularities.

Difficulties eating

A tell-tale sign that your child needs braces is if they arehaving problems chewing. Not only can an improper bite cause eating to beuncomfortable, it can add extra wear and tear on your teeth, jaw pain, andchronic headaches. These bite issues can also cause multiple speech problemssuch as a lisp that can be detrimental to a child's social life.

If you are noticing any or all of these signs in your child,chances are they could use a dental consultation. We are mastering the art ofstraight teeth at Pillar Dental, so call us today and get your child smiling inno time at all.


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